Artist’s Profile


Young and innovative with a charming take on style, Seth Wegter is an artist and designer who has lived in Seal Beach, California, all of his life.  With a strong background in both the fine and applied arts as well as music, Seth is currently channeling his immense creativity into his hand-crafted bag line.  “I love to surf, am a high school wrestling coach and write, produce and perform music in a jazz fusion band; most people are surprised to discover I create bags,” stated Wegter.  Having honed his craft for the last 7 years, Wegter has been motivated by the desire to hand make bags, purses, wristlets, and satchels that both uniquely stand apart and seamlessly mesh with the owner’s own taste and self-expression.  “After all,” Wegter added, “he or she is the one carrying it!”


Inspired by jazz, the ocean, and classic craftsmanship, Wegter designs and hand makes each and every vibrant purse, clutch, and “man bag” the old fashioned way.  Often hovering over one of his two industrial sewing machines, he takes pride in making bags through a process that stands the test of time.  Each design is completely original and every piece is unique due to variations in stitching, fabric cut, embellishments, and labeling.  He even has found a way to incorporate his wildly imaginative musings by including original, handwritten stories to the interior of his larger bags, which, added Wegter, “establishes an entertaining and personal back story for each purse.”

Wegter uses a variety of materials and leathers, each hand-picked for both quality and style.  His leathers include sultry snakeskin, regal crocodile, soft calf, and distressed buffalo.  Every interior displays a bounty of color and imagination to compliment the exterior of the bag.  These luxurious materials compliment Wegter’s design aesthetic and have maintained demand from his loyal customers.  With names like “The Sadiella” and “The 1940 Duffel”, his leather bags compete with the offerings of top design houses while possessing a classic sensibility that ensures they will be faithfully carried for years to come.

Although conceived in his Seal Beach studio on “The Hill,” the fruition of his work certainly has not been confined to his hometown.  Buzz within the fashion industry and word of mouth promotions from satisfied bag owners have effortlessly sustained his made-to-order list.  He has been invited to showcase his creations at the downtown LA Fashion District’s famed California Mart and has been offered distribution deals that would take his design business to the next level.

For the time being, however, this Wilson Classical High School English teacher, head wrestling coach, and Biola University college professor prefers to live in the moment and revel in the simple satisfaction of making an extremely useful object of beauty by hand.  In a world of mass-produced trends, Wegter’s bags are truly a fresh breath of wearable originality.